Hybrid Defensive Strategies Rifle Sling

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All metal hardware - cam, triglide, and quick detach swivels

Lightweight - under 5 oz., even with all metal hardware and optional 2-to-1 point converter

Tactile beaded handle - easy to identify, easy to manipulate

Includes parachute rigging band - s-fold and store your sling on the stock when not in use

User configurable - the MK1 can be completely undone, allowing the user to switch out the QD swivels for HK clips, MASH hooks, and other mounting hardware

Extra length - 7 feet of webbing allow the user to transition shoulders with ease, or trim the sling to fit their needs

Stocked in MARPAT Coyote and Black.


SLING WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime Warranty - if the sling breaks due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair at our discretion.  Even if you break it arm-wrestling a T-Rex, let Hybrid Defensive Strategies know and they'll see what they can do.


The Hybrid Defensive Strategies MK1 Mod 1 sling is a lightweight, minimalist sling designed to address several issues with slin

gs on the market today: many slings either have a lot of excess webbing that can hang from the sling, especially when tightened, or they rely on a friction based slider system to maintain sling tension.  The excess webbing creates a snag hazard and causes issues with manipulating the sling,  and the friction sliders can give under tension, making it difficult to stabilize the rifle for long distance shots.

The MK1 sling loops in on itself, creating a sling that is devoid of excessive webbing, and utilizes a metal cam as its tensioning device - perfect for locking in a hasty sling, but still easy to manipulate.  In addition, the MK1 utilizes the popular pull beads from high-end life preservers as its tension adjustment handle, resulting in a very tactile handle that is easy to identify and grip - no more grasping at a piece of tied 550 cord or trying to figure out if you grabbed the handle or the webbing!

The MK1 mounts using quick detach swivels, and a 2-to-1 point triglide can be added for those who want to be able to switch between 2 and 1-point sling setups.