Inside the Waistband with Concealment Wing

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Our IWB (Inside the Waistband) holsters are great for concealed carry and low-profile duty carry.  The holster goes inside of your pants while the clip or soft-loops go over the belt for a secure hold.
Features a concealment wing to roll the grip in toward the body, further reducing the possiblity of printing.
All of our IWB holsters are adjustable to suit the end user. While the concealment wing is designed to be work AIWB - The cant (Angle of the gun) is adjustable from either 0° (straight up and down commonly used for appendix carry) to 15° forward cant (FBI). It is easy to adjust by moving one screw post in a matter of seconds. By adjusting cant you may minimize or lose the concealments wing effectiveness.
The retention is adjustable by the screw(s) in front of the trigger guard and can be tailored to the buyer with a few twist of a phillips head screw driver.
Our IWB holsters are made from a single piece of .08 Kydex wrapped around the firearm while maintaining plenty of room for aftermarket sights. All the controls are blocked out to accommodate aftermarket slide stops and mag releases.
If your holster is built to accept a weapon light - you will receive the wing shown with the light bearing holsters. If your holster is not light bearing you will receive the wing shown on holsters without a weapon light.
*Since our holsters are fully adjustable we do not apply threadlocker prior to shipment. We recommend you apply threadlocker to all hardware once you have your holster adjusted to your liking*
*Revolver models will ship with a low sweat guard only, and with a tuckable style clip*

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    G33 RMR with Light

    Posted by MR on Apr 4th 2018

    Exceptional holster- you can even adjust the retention with the screws if needed. You can also adjust the cant. To find an IWB for RMR with a light is like hunting for a unicorn. These folks have an entire stable of Unicorns. Absolutely outstanding, comfortable and reliable IWB.

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    A quality holster at a fair price

    Posted by Stephen on Mar 25th 2018

    This is my second holster from Priority 1 Holsters. I originally bought from them based on the wide variety of models that they support, positive reviews on the web, and the fact that they are based in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which is where I am from, even though I am no longer in the area. The quality of the product is top shelf. The Price is fair and much better than several competitors with highly inflated prices. They are accommodating of any customizations that you request during the ordering process, and their lead time is accurate. Both of my orders have shipped quickly considering that the holders are made to order. Overall, I give this holster maker high praise and will order from them again.

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    IWB S&W M&P 2.0 Compact

    Posted by Matthew on Mar 13th 2018

    This holster fits my S&W M&P 2.0 compact perfectly. The retention is strong and will hold the pistol in the holster when turned upside down. The fit is perfect and the concealment wing allows the pistol to be closer to the body, which assists in concealment. Would definitely recommend for anyone with the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact 4inch pistol.

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    Glock 43 and Glock 27 IWB with wing.

    Posted by WilLiam Jackson on Mar 11th 2018

    I recieved my order fast and was impressed with the quality.

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    Priority1 holster with claw for G30s

    Posted by Phil Hylan on Mar 10th 2018

    I like this holster so far. I have taken off the claw and switched to the soft belt loops, as I wear my Glock 30s at 3:00, 3:30. If I had a handgun with a longer grip, the claw would be a very good item, as I have a similar style of holster that hides a full size M&P with minimal printing. I wear that full size further back, around 4:30, which keeps the grip of the M&P flat against my back. Since the G30s has such a short grip, I can wear it on my side at a slight cant and it does not print.
    All the edges are buffed smooth, the hardware is good and I think this is a good holster for your money. This is the first time I have used belt loops and I definitely recommend them over a clip. If you carry on your side you may not need the claw, but if you carry appendix or 4-5:00 it will help. Happy customer here.

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    Shield 9 IWB Holster

    Posted by Sonny on Feb 13th 2018

    Holster looks and feels great. Retention is perfect. I will definitely be ordering from Priority One again!

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    Wait.. what?!

    Posted by William Wallace on Feb 7th 2018

    Just stop where you are for a second, open another tab in your internet browser, and try and find this product for a better price. Ok now that you were not able to find a better product let’s move on to customer service, I had some pretty odd and specific request for my holster in the notes upon checkout, the next day or two went by and my order made it over to their processing team. I received an email in regards to my specific needs for a holster, this email contained some sorrow and concearn accompanied by some incredible foresight and perspective into what I needed and follwed with a recommendation to another companies holsters! The guys over at Priority 1 Holsters were so open, honest and down right caring that they recommended checking out another company for what I wanted to guarantee I got exactly what I needed. This told me the craftsmanship and integrity of this company was taken seriously so that they wanted provide only the best quality product for my application. There are few companies left out there that are so willing to do things like this that we should respond to actions like this by flooding their inbox with orders from anyone and everyone you and I know who could use such an amazing product and at such a competitive price. Thank you Priority 1 for all that y’all do! Keep up the great work! And if you are reading this then stop what your doing and get one of these holsters ordered as soon as you can!

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    Inside the Waistband with concealment Wing

    Posted by Kevin Lovelace on Jan 29th 2018

    This is a Great!! product durable and sustainable for all carrying needs. I have had my holster for about 2 years and the belt clip broke from normal wear and tear but I spoke with Chad and he happily sent out me another one. Priority Holsters are Awesome and I will only use them for future purchases

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    Excellent holster

    Posted by Kevin Lally on Jan 18th 2018

    I know it looks bulky with the light attachment, but it’s incredibly concealable. I carry AIWB and I’m a skinny fella. I have no problems with concealing it.